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    Freckfest has wrapped up all gig activity for 2014. There’s no time to rest though. We’ve been hard at work planning and preparing some exciting shows for next year.

    Our first gig of 2015 isn’t until February (everyone’s skint in January, right?), but we’ve lined up an absolute cracker. On Friday 6th February, we are holding a ska night in Troon Concert Hall.

    This is something that has been in the pipeline for a few months now. We have been keen to organise a concert where the audience can get off their seats and jump around a bit. The Harbour Arts Centre is a brilliant wee venue. When it’s packed full it is perhaps the best wee venue in the country, but it lends itself to a particular kind of gig. After looking around a number of local venues we settled on Troon Concert Hall. It’s a good sized venue, there’ll be a bar and there’s ample space for an energetic audience to get up and dance.

    ‘Seaside Ska’ will feature three terrific bands, a DJ playing original ska and bluebeat and will finish in time for everyone to catch the last train home. What could be better than that?

    Big Fat Panda hail from the capital city and play a mixture of ska, rocksteady and reggae, a balance of self-penned songs and recognisable cover versions. An energy-packed live act, you won’t want to miss them. 

    Glasgow’s Amphetameanies barely need an introduction. A healthy alliance of scooter boys, punk girls and indie kids, they’ve been a fixture on the live scene for over a decade and have played all over the UK and Europe, often supporting well-known acts to appreciative crowds.

    Esperanza are perhaps the best known of the acts, but for the saddest of reasons. The 9 piece from Glasgow were playing in the Clutha Bar last November when a police helicopter fell from the sky and through the roof of the pub, killing 10 people. Esperanza’s shows are famous for the audience’s non-stop dancing to the band’s ‘superskanking party noise’

    Troon Concert Hall
    06 Feb 2015
    Fri 19:30

    Freckfest has wrapped up
  • MacFloyd


    MacFloyd are an eight-piece Pink Floyd tribute band who perform at venues across Scotland.

    2015 marks the 40th anniversary of the release of Pink Floyd’s masterpiece “Wish you were here”. Mac Floyd are preparing a tour that will celebrate this and will be visiting Irvine as part of this tour.

    The set that contains this iconic album performed in its entirety.

    The show will also feature classic Floyd tracks from the Dark Side of the Moon, The Wall, Animals and many more albums, including the recent 2014 release “The Endless River” – Keep in touch for tour dates via this website or our social media

    Magnum Theatre
    13 Mar 2015
    Fri 19:30

    MacFloyd are an eight-piece
  • Them Beatles


    Them Beatles give audiences the opportunity to ‘clap their hands and rattle their jewellery’ to one of the UK's most sought after authentic Beatles tribute shows. With their unparalleled attention to detail, both musically and visually, Them Beatles have been hailed as the next best thing to seeing the original Fab Four. The group possesses a natural stage craft and a unique band chemistry that guarantees to make every Them Beatles show an unforgettable experience.

    Them Beatles create a concert experience of The Beatles covering all aspects of their career: from the early days of “The Cavern Club” and "Beatlemania" to the mind bending psychedelic period, through to the "Apple Years" and the final “Rooftop concert” in 1969.

    Having tread the boards at some of the UK’s most prestigious theatres, Them Beatles have also toured around the world, taking their own brand of Beatlemania to South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Canada, Norway and Holland.

    All the songs are performed, as on record, in the original key with no pre-recorded backing music and using authentic instruments from each era, lovingly sourced worldwide by the band themselves. The whole show is performed in character with those familiar accents and with a fun and convincing manner in keeping with the spirit of The Beatles.

    Magnum Theatre
    13 March 2015
    Fri 19:30

    Them Beatles give audiences


Day Into Night

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    FreckFest is run by a group of dedecated voluneers who aim to bring back major music events to Irvine
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    FreckFest tickets can be purchased at the Harbour Arts Centre box office in Irvine or using the Ticket Web website.

Bringing Music to Irvine

Freckfest’s main aim was to begin where Willie left off. Willie thought in big and ambitious terms. 

It was he who brought the Radio 1 Roadshow to Irvine for a decade, to a combined audience of almost half a million people. 

It was he who saw the rise in local bands and gave them their own festival – Rock On The Watter – to play at, alongside the more established bands of the era. 

It was he who delivered those On the Beach events (Bjork, Underworld, Shed Seven) that followed in the wake of those two earth-shattering Oasis shows. 

And it was Willie who had the idea for a big local festival, one that could attract big stars, major acts from around the world, to play at a weekend event at the Beach Park. 

That’s the scale of thinking. Freckfest has been called the small festival with big ambitions.  We proved this year that it could be done. This is only the beginning…