Glenn Tilbrook - Wednesday 13th August

Posted on Wednesday 12th November 2014 15:00 by FreckFest

Glenn Tilbrook – Wednesday 13th August (SOLD OUT)

As half of the song writing duo behind self-proclaimed ‘honky tonk new wavers’ Squeeze, Glenn Tilbrook has sold millions of records and played for many thousands of fans in the best concert venues around the world. 

Not only is Glenn the proud owner of an Ivor Novello award for ‘An Outstanding Contribution To British Music’, Mojo magazine recently awarded him their ‘Classic Songwriter’ award, affording him the same honour previously bestowed upon such popular music icons as Ray Davies, Paul Weller and Johnny Marr. 

In-between now sporadic Squeeze concerts, Glenn regularly plays a solo show liberally peppered with Squeeze’s greatest hits, and on Wednesday August 13th, he brings his one-man show to the intimate surroundings of the Harbour Arts Centre for what promises to be a very special gig.

Known and loved for his slightly shambolic approach to the live experience, Glenn regularly accepts audience requests, often regaling the audience with spoken-word anecdotes almost as much as playing the songs he’s loved for. Glenn is funny, engaging and unpredictable. Those lucky enough to attend JJ Gilmour’s sold-out HAC show will be familiar to this loose approach. 

This is one hot ticket. A huge chunk of the Squeeze back catalogue, with its wry social observations and well-crafted instrumentation is practically radio standard material these days – Up The Junction, Cool For Cats, Tempted, Hourglass, Take Me I’m Yours, Labelled With Love……’re probably singing them now as you read this. Hear them live in the best wee venue around.

Glenn Tilbrook plays the Harbour Arts Centre
Wednesday 13th August at 7.30pm.

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