Into The Ark

Posted on Sunday 6th August 2017 23:38 by FreckFest

What a great night we had last Friday (4th August). Playing the second-last night of a tour that included multiple support slots to Tom Jones, Into The Ark arrived at the HAC, road-worn and tired but firing on all cylinders.

The duo – Taylor Jones, he of the tartan trousers, unkempt Paolo Nutini haircut and terrific white-boy soul vocals and Dane Lloyd, the taller of the two, trademark collapsed quiff underneath an over-sized hat, were augmented for the night by a drummer. This really brought a spark and an oomph to their music.


Best-known for their stint on ITV’s The Voice talent show, where they made it all the way to the final, I’m sure I wasn’t alone in expecting a couple of pretty boys who’d been thrown together in order for someone at a major record label to make heaps of money from them.

Imagine my surprise when I discovered Into The Ark have spent the past few years criss-crossing the country in their battered van, playing all manner of gigs in all manner of venues to countless unappreciative audiences.

As a live act, they were really good; melodic, funny and engaging. Being an audience favourite on The Voice certainly contributed to this being another sold out Freckfest show and all in attendance will testify to the band's power as a live act.



Being mentored by Tom Jones – they were off to a late-night dinner with him as soon as they left the HAC - has meant that Into the Ark’s live show is very polished. They spark off one another, finishing one another’s jokes and introductions to the songs, and feed off the shouts and heckles from the at times over-enthusiastic audience.

And what an audience!

I’d wager that most of them had never set foot in the HAC before. We had four excited fans who’d hot-footed it all the way from Northern Ireland intent on meeting their heroes.

We had gaggles of teenage girls, hot under the collar in the presence of actual living and breathing telly stars.

And we had dozens of women of a certain age, doe eyed and hanging onto every word, every gesture, every hip swivel sent in their direction. And the boys knew it. Any time they spotted a mobile being trained on them, they’d sing directly to the person holding it, give them a cheeky wink and scan the room for the next camera lens.



What about the music? Well, given that they’re at the end of a tour and that they have a grounding in playing live, Into The Ark deliver decent, well-played songs.

They’re poppy in places, soulful in parts and packed full of choruses and hummable melodies. They didn’t play that many songs, truth be told. In fact, they were on and off in just under an hour, but the basis is there for Into The Ark to develop into a decent chart act.

I see no reason why they couldn’t become as popular as any other act who’s ever graced reality TV. And I doubt any of those in the sold-out audience would disagree.


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