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Posted on Monday 27th July 2015 00:00 by FreckFest

Local singer-songwriter Sean C Kennedy will play his biggest headline show in the Magnum Theatre on Friday August 14th.

For the past few years, Sean has crafted his songwriting skills, assembling a stellar collection of melody-rich contemporary songs. Recently he’s visited Nashville, where he road tested the fruits of his labour by playing them in Songwriters’ Circles and in cafes, bars and anywhere else he could. Back in the UK, he’s been a regular fixture on the live scene; just him, his acoustic guitar and a killer collection of tunes that strike a chord in anyone who’s been lucky enough to catch his act.

This year, he’s assembled a 5-piece band and honed a live set that’s brought out the very best in his songs. The cream of the crop have now been recorded in his dad Colin’s studio in Irvine, with input from the ‘Songwriters’ Songwriter’ JJ Gilmour.

In June, Sean took the master tapes to Ibiza’s Sonic Vista Studio where they were mastered ready for release. He’s now whittled down the best of his songs into the perfect bakers’ dozen and he has a 13 track album almost ready for release. It’s an album that will hopefully bring him to the world’s attention. Sonically, it’s terrific – shiny, ‘big’ and exceptionally well put together. Fans of Sean will recognise many of the songs from his live performances, but the recorded versions are dynamic – double-tracked backing vocals, subtle keys, the odd bit of brass, plenty of shimmering, twanging electric guitar – it’s hard to believe this is a debut album. If you’re already a fan of Sean’s music, you will be very impressed.

The future looks bright for Sean. On his recent trip to Ibiza he endorsed Gibson Guitars, and they are keen to have him as the ‘face of Gibson’ on their promotional material. There’s talk too of a return trip to Nashville, where he’ll feature on a TV show about songwriters trying to make it in a city that’s mad for music.

In the meantime he’ll be playing that show in the Magnum Theatre. It might just be the perfect time to catch him live. It won’t be a surprise to anyone who knows how hard Sean has worked on his music when he eventually becomes a fixture on daytime radio, sandwiched between the vacuous thumping pop hits and the tuneless trendies with daft haircuts that seem to be all the rage these days. In years to come, Sean’s songs will still be playing, long after we’ve tired of the disposable stuff.

Do yourself a favour and catch Sean C Kennedy live at the Magnum Theatre before the rest of the world catches up.


Sean C Kennedy plays the Magnum Theatre on Friday 14th August. Tickets are available direct from the HAC or from here.

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