Wonderstuff's Miles Hunt to play the HAC!

Posted on Sunday 30th April 2017 23:42 by FreckFest

Back in the late 80s/early 90s, The Attic was the best place on the planet. Above the King’s Arms, it was Irvine’s ‘anti disco’. Not for The Attic the thudding sounds of chart-orientated dance music. Instead, The Attic focused on indie music and sound-tracked many a weekend for a whole generation of live music-loving Irvinites. One of the most popular bands regularly played was The Wonderstuff, who themselves made a beeline for Irvine in August 1992 and played a memorable big show at The Magnum.


It’s a great honour therefore to say we’re delighted to be bringing main ‘Stuffie Miles Hunt back to Irvine, a mere 25 years later.  Miles will appear at the HAC on September 8th accompanied by violinist Erica Nockalls. Essentially they’re touring in support of their upcoming third album, although Miles has promised to dust off some of his old classics for the gig.


The plan,” explained Miles, “is for us to play the newer material in the earlier part of our set and work towards the better-known songs by the end of the evening. It would be churlish not to, right?


So, if you fancy hearing what Miles has been up to in the years since his Wonderstuff glory days as well as some of your old Wonderstuff favourites in a unique and intimate venue, you’d better get your skates on and get a ticket quick. We’re expecting this one to sell out quickly, so Go! Go! Go! Tickets are here!

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