'Paul McCartney''s Six favourite Beatles Tracks

Posted on Saturday 4th April 2015 00:01 by FreckFest

“One! Two! Three! Faw!” Friday 3rd April saw top tribute act Them Beatles recreate the sounds of the Fab Four in the plush surroundings of the Magnum Theatre. Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!


Joe Kane, the Paul McCartney of the band, took time out from rehearsals to give Off The Freckord the low-down on Them Beatles and discuss six of his favourite Beatles tracks.


Just the six?!? I’ll begin by saying I could pick any 6 Beatles tracks. And the tracks I give you today would be a totally different selection to the tracks I might give you tomorrow. I’ve gone for a mixed selection of rockers and ballads, big hits and hidden gems.”


I Saw Her Standing There


The first track on their first album, I Saw Her Standing There is total rock ‘n roll. From the frenzied count-in onwards, it’s so full of energy. It’s the sound of The Beatles at their Cavern Club best. We sometimes open our set with it. It’s a great way to kick-off a show and a sure-fire way of getting the audience up and dancing.


Any Time At All


This is a lesser-known Beatles track. It wasn’t a single but featured on the Hard Day’s Night LP. It’s the sound of John Lennon getting into his groove as a songwriter. The interplay between him and Paul is terrific. Ringo’s backbeat and the clanging Rickenbacker practically invents ‘power-pop’. The average man on the street might not know this track. They’ve been missing out.


You Won’t See Me


This is Paul’s ‘Motown’ song, his attempt at black soul music. It’s a moody pop song, all minor chords with a great “ooh-la-la-la” backing vocal. After The Beatles’ first attempt, Paul called it ‘plastic soul’, before that phrase was changed slightly, giving the forthcoming Rubber Soul LP the title it didn’t have. 





The Fool On The Hill


From the Magical Mystery Tour LP, The Fool On The Hill is melancholy, downbeat and introspective. It’s up there with the very best of Paul’s songs. We’ve started playing this in our show. It’s a simple-sounding song, but it’s very complicated to play. The original version has lots of mellotron and unusual percussion on it. I think we do a really good job of replicating it live, which, by the time it was recorded, was something The Beatles didn’t do. (The Fool On The Hill was recorded in 1967. The Beatles stopped playing live in 1966).


I’m So Tired


This is from the White Album, my favourite Beatles LP. I love the sound of this track, the lazy feel. It captures perfectly what it’s like to be ‘so tired’. I could’ve picked almost any track from this LP, but I’ve gone for another that the average man in the street might not have heard before. Dig deep into The Beatles’ catalogue and prepare to be astonished!


 I’ve Got A Feeling


This is a great shouty song. It has a brilliant riff and a really great groove. It’s one of the last truly brilliant John and Paul double acts, as the band were in the throws of a very messy split at the time. It’s captured for all to see on the Let It Be film; Paul telling George exactly how he wants him to play the guitar breakdown, a less-than-impressed George telling Paul he can do it himself if he wants to. But even in the middle of splitting up, The Beatles could create magical music.



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