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Posted on Monday 21st December 2015 10:45 by FreckFest

It’s just as well we’re at the end of the year, as I’m running out of superlatives for Sean C Kennedy. He brought Freckfest’s 2015 to a close last Friday night with an excellent evening of music, magic and musings on life. The whole evening was sewn together by Sean; he’d put the bill together, decided on the running order and paced the show accordingly.



The evening was billed as ‘Sean C Kennedy Presents The Screening Of ‘The Girl On Christopher Street’ plus Live Performance’, with the main focus the premier of the video Sean had made recently in New York. On the night, the whole thing rolled like a trendy version of one of those old-fashioned variety shows. Sean played a couple of acoustic numbers ably backed by John Blakely on guitar and backing vocals. They made way for John Cooper, Ayrshire’s best-kept secret, a story-teller extraordinaire with a clutch of Randy Newman-esque songs at his fingertips. Funny and engaging, John held court until it was time for half of local up-and-comers November Lights to play a handful of their well-crafted songs. So far, so great. The evening was ebbing and flowing like the high tide in Irvine Harbour, with even better still to come.


A short break gave way to Mark Price. It’d be easy to pigeonhole Mark as a magician, but in truth he was more than that; mind-reader, life guru, daredevil. Those present will know what I’m talking about. Mark’s short, explosive routine was followed by the main event – the screening of ‘The Girl On Christopher Street’. Like all of the best songs, ‘Christopher Street tells a story, mirrored in the video which includes superb shots of Manhattan, Brooklyn and downtown New York. At the end, the audience broke into spontaneous, rapturous applause and this never abated until the night was over.


Sean and his band played a short 40 minute electric set, much to the delight of everyone in the room. The songs that make up debut LP ‘77’ are now seasoned live tracks. They sound terrific; full of life, expansive, rich in melody and played superbly. Sean was in his element. Now far more relaxed in front of an audience than ever before, he’s engaging, funny and really, really great.

I’ve been told by some that he’s “a bit too middle of the road” for them. Well, let me tell you, Buster, being in the middle of the road is the quickest way of reaching your destination. Sean has his sights firmly set on the top and knowing how hard he works, how focused he is, how single-minded he is about it all, it’s not a matter of ‘if’ but ‘when’ Sean gets there. Veer off the middle of the road and you’re liable to crash into a ditch you struggle to get back out of. I’m sure ‘middle of the road’ suits Sean just fine. He’s one of the brightest prospects in music and he’s living right under your nose. It’d be great to see Irvine put on the musical map through Sean. 2016 will be a really big year for him and I’ll eat my hat if I’m not saying “told you so” this time next year.


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