Sean Kennedy - Spotlight

Posted on Wednesday 1st October 2014 16:37 by FreckFest

Irvine’s Sean Kennedy is a good old-fashioned singer-songwriter. In the fickle world of music, fads and fashions come and go, but there will always be a place for the artists blessed with the gift of melody and the ability to deliver their songs with heartfelt passion. Sean falls into this category. 

In the 4 years since Sean began writing and recording, he’s seen all manner of reality TV ‘stars’ boom and bust, as their one big hit is hastily followed-up by a quickly put together album and ever-diminishing sales. All this time, Sean has honed his act and his art, worked on his craft and has quietly gone about turning himself into one of the best prospects our local scene has produced. 

Earlier this year he spent three months in Nashville, making the right connections, writing songs and playing for everyone and anyone, making sure he got himself known Stateside. 

I left for Nashville knowing only two people out there, when I left I had met so many. I worked with some great songwriters and musicians and I got to know some incredible producers, who I'll be no doubt working with in the future.

Much of Sean’s time in Nashville was spent playing in Writers’ Rounds – songwriting sessions where a group of songwriters play new material to one another – “a great way of showcasing new songs!” Sean’s music is perfect for the countrified deep south, and he and Nashville really hit it off. In fact he’s already planning a return trip for “more shows, writing sessions and the possibility of moving there one day.”

Last month, Sean was invited to perform in Ibiza and filmed a video for Ibiza Uncut’s online TV show.  You’ll be able to watch Sean’s episode when it goes on air in a couple of weeks. In a bizarre twist, the video was filmed in the same house where previously Sean had worked on his music with Duran Duran’s Andy Taylor. He’s a well-connected young man, is our Sean.

It’s the live arena where Sean’s songs really come alive though, and luckily he’s been playing a lot recently. Last week alone he popped up in Glasgow, Motherwell and Irvine. Equally at home on stage as a solo performer or with his band, Sean is slowly but surely creating a name for himself.

Irvine audiences can look forward to seeing Sean open for Nik Kershaw two nights running at the HAC in October. There is also the possibility of Sean and Nik joining forces at some point over the weekend, as a while back they spent time writing together. It’s rumoured that the Irvine audience may be treated to the fruits of their labour. 

The next few months are planned out for Sean. “I'm having great fun with the band just now. I'm planning out my album release date with a tour of Scotland, England and possibly the US.”

A local musician with international ambitions, Sean is clearly in this business for the long haul and it’s surely only a matter of time before his hard work pays off. You can check out Sean’s work via and the usual social media outlets.

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