Soldier On

Posted on Monday 20th April 2015 00:58 by FreckFest

Where do we begin with Irvine's heaviest-hitting export since Rab Affleck?

Suffice to say, Freckfest and Soldier On go back a long way.

Soldier On inhabit a world where the 7″ is king. A world of Dansettes and desert boots. A world of black and white telly, half-day closing and an “‘Allo Mrs Jones, ‘ow’s your Bert’s lumbago?” over the garden wall. A world where the beat group reigns supreme, where R’n B means rhythm and blues, not Rihanna and Beyonce. Forward-thinking retro-revisionists, Soldier On are mod, mod, mod, and they mean it, maaaaan.

Soldier On look like stars already. Every ace face about town knows that looking the part is more than half the battle. You could write the catchiest, riffiest songs since Beatles For Sale, but if you look like a posse of Pennyburn plumbers, you’ll not get very far. A brouhaha of well-cut trousers, feather cuts and paisley pattern, they channel the combined image of Jeff Beck, Rod the Mod and The Yardbirds and make it their own. Coming across like a proper gang, I wouldn’t be surprised if I learned that Soldier On lived in one big house with 5 front doors, like The Monkees or The Beatles in Help!

Recently, they've been toughening up their sound. The tracks on new EP 'Between The Bricks' take the glam boogie of T-Rex and the swagger of a mid-70's Stones, add a dollop of Quadrophenia-era Who horns and weld on a series of backing vocals and choruses more melodic than those pesky Gallagher brothers in 1995.

With local rockers Culann playing a sold-out gig next door in The Ship, there's the potential for all sorts of mods v rockers shenanigans doon the beach afterwards. Cccccccaaaalllll the Cccccccops!

It's only a fiver to get in. I'm sure we'll see you there....

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