Them Beatles

Posted on Saturday 4th April 2015 00:00 by FreckFest

Them Beatles


If it’s authentic tribute acts you’re after, look no further than Them Beatles. Squint from afar through your Lennon granny glasses and you can almost imagine they’re the real deal. Close your eyes, however, and it gets even better. One Rickenbacker clang in and you’ll find yourself back in The Cavern Club, shaking your bowl cut and tapping your Beatle boots in time to the floorshaking Merseybeat backbeat.

Them Beatles have the suits, the instruments and the stage patter down to a tee. Beatle bores like me will spot all sorts of references to actual Beatles shows of the 60s. ‘Ringo’ does those wee hair shakes of his after the drum rolls, ‘George’ sings out of the side of his mouth just like the real one, ‘John’ has that whole nasal Mersey twang going on and even holds his guitar in that slightly-too-high way of his, and ‘Paul’ is as close to the real McCartney as possible – he’s clearly studied the footage and practised those head bobs in the mirror. Even the way he plucks his bass (left-handed as well) is uncanny.  


Them Beatles take you on a musical journey, from the Beatles’ original beginnings in Hamburg right up to the messy end on the rooftop of the Apple headquarters in London’s Saville Row. A show packed full of The Beatles greatest hits, accompanied by numerous era-defining costume changes (and facial hair add-ons!) makes Them Beatles the perfect night out. Yeah, yeah, yeah!



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